Myths and facts about arranged marriage

10 about dia that nobody cared to even verify!#1 Hockey is dia’s national sport Arranged s the is consummated through elaborate ceremonies presided over by a Vedic priest well versed Vedic mantras The date is fixed after consultg the astrological charts and then vitations are sent Before the date both the parties spend a lot of time preparation and exchange of gifts On the day the bride and the bridegroom and relations on both sides assemble a public auditorium or a temple premises or the house of the bride's parents and participate an elaborate ceremony conducted by a priest Now that dependence Day has been dealt with and we are still left with some leftover patriotic feels let’s look at some other facts about the country which won’t make you all proud about your country Here are the ten about dia that we bldly believe:Myth No 1 Milkha Sgh looked back durg the 1960 Rome Olympics Another example of social media fail reportg is the whole HIV Frooti hoax Apparently an HIV fected employee at Frooti had mixed some of his blood the drk so people everywhere drkg Frooti would be at a risk of gettg fected themselves This is bullshit because it’s quite common knowledge now that HIV cannot survive for more than a few seconds outside the human body So even if that person had jected his HIV fected blood to the drk it wouldn’t affect one sgle No 7 dian Railways – World’s largest employee base Essays on Karma Concepts of HduismEssays on AtmanEssays on UpanishadsEssays on DharmaHdu Way of LifeHdu FestivalsSpiritual Practice One of the important ceremonies associated with Hdu s is the handg over ceremony (bidai) which bears a lot of sentimental significance for the girl's family Durg this ceremony the bride is handed over to the bridegroom and his parents by the brides parents amidst a display of rare emotions with a request to look after their daughter for the rest of her life After this the bride leaves her parents house permanently to spend the rest of her life her husband's house Hdus accept registered s also as a part of the social changes that are sweepg across their society But many would prefer a traditional for the sake of the sentimental thrill that is associated. Decoratg a Bride From a Patg by Raja Ravi Jayaram VA vowI take hold of your hand for good fortune so that with me your husband you may atta to old age The gods Bhaga Aryaman Savitur and Pushan gave you to me for leadg the life of a householder (Rig Veda X )A blessgBounteous dra endow this bride with great sons and fortune Give her ten sons and make the husband the eleventh (Rig Veda .46)While Tyg the Sacred Thread O maiden of many auspicious qualities I tie this sacred thread around your neck for my long life May you live happily for a hundred years! For MoneyA of the demons (asuras) results when money is taken exchange for the bride (Yagnavalkya Smriti) At the time of the 1950’s FIFA World Cup Football was one of the top sports played the country Despite its popularity dia only got selected for the World Cup because 4 other teams backs out The route to Brazil was long and costly and AIFF did not had time and money to spend on a team which was not gonna w anythg as we were placed a group with likes of Italy To avoid embarrassment the admistration blamed the issue on FIFA not acceptg players playg barefoot and was upheld by media at that time and the lie No 5 UNESCO declares dian National Anthem best. For many years dians believed that the famous ‘lookg back moment’ of Flyg Sikh Milkha Sgh before fishg the 400m race at first position durg the 1960 Olympics did happen For the records he was runng at the 5th position and the nick of time managed to reach 4th position he didn’t even come first.#9 dia was Secular sce 1947 (referrg to term ‘Secular’ Constitution) And talkg about neighbours we are blessed with very peacelovg and non assertive neighbours like Pakistan and Cha… (¯―¯٥)These nations are havg serious disputes with other nations too as listed belowCha- For them list goes long=Veitnam Japan South korea Taiwan Laos and so onPakistan - dia Afghanistan have a look on claims over dian territory check the below picture…It sums up most. We cannot stress this enough that Hdi is not our national language It is merely an official language You know what other official languages we have? About 20 others; cludg English Bengali Marathi Telugu Tamil Assamese Nepali Odia Malayalam Kannada Gujarati Urdu and No 10 Hockey is the national sport of the country Prayers and MantrasAshtavakra Samhita Horoscope LksHduism News Listen AudioBuy Our Books Jayaram's Quotations Special Lks Jayaram's Books The most common about dia that people believe Climate : dia is curbed by the dian Ocean on the south the Arabian Sea on the south-west and the Bay of Bengal on the south-east makes everyone believe that it is a tropical maelstrom of humidity sweaty brows and sticky sk reality it’s only the southern part of dia As you move towards north the climate shifts the gears gradually to temperate and fally Himalayas.2 The Language : Okay Let us get somethg clear once and for all The people from dia are dian Our language however is. 7 At the time of the bridegroom ties a sacred thread around the bride's neck and accepts her hand (panigrahanam.) Then they both take seven steps (saptapadi) together around the fire utterg vows of friendship and mutual loyalty.8 Hdu tradition recognizes the importance of a woman the family She is expected to share the responsibilities of the household like a goddess (grihalakshmi) and enjoy the love and care of her husband and children.9 Accordg to Hdu Act 1955 passed dia the eligible age for is 21 years case of a boy and 18 years case of a girl This law has been passed maly to ban child s and such practices as polygamy which is recognized as a punishable offence. The Flyg Sikh Milkha Sgh was never leadg the 400m fal of the 1960 Rome Olympics Yes he didn’t look back He was fifth le and with great effort secured fourth No 2 Subhas Chandra Bose died a. Forget the ancient history chapters of dia’s long-lost past it has been done twice after 1947 which was the time when the present dia came to beg The first was 1961 when all 3 wgs of the dian armed forces vaded Goa then a Portugese colony and annexed it to the dian State At that time Portugal had ruled over Goa for over 450 years The dians may look at it as ‘liberation’ but it can also be viewed as an second was 1971 when the dian army entered what was then East Pakistan to ‘liberate’ it from West Pakistan leadg to the formation of No 9 Hdi is our national language This answer is for all those who haven't looked dia with their own eyes and are dependent on the misleadg media reports for formg a particluar image their sensorium… dia is a country with rapes all aroundAbsolutely not…Below is a list of facts for you to decide yourself between dia and USA….Rape ratedia-1.8 Ranked 46th. #2 Hdi is the only official language of diaIf you believe that a nation with 80 percent of its population beg Hdu has Hdi as its only official language then you are as wrong as a fool fact as per the Constitution of dia dia has 22 official languages cludg Hdi Devanagiri script and English along with Assamese Bengali Bodo Dogri Gujarati Hdi Kannada Kashmiri Konkani Maithili Malayalam Manipuri Marathi Nepali Odia Punjabi Sanskrit Santali Sdhi Tamil Telugu :- National language - WikipediaAnd we do not have anythg as ‘National Language’. I have a bit terestg fact for u hereAlmost a third of the UK population fell below the official poverty le at some pot between 2010 and 2013 figures show Around 19.3 million people -33% - were poverty at least once And if i tell you that this nation is havg 1/3 of its population under poverty le even after siphong off almost all the resouces from world's richest nation 18 th century-DIAdians are illiterate and DumbFrom givg Zero Trignometry & Calculus to World to beg the only nation which has a services surplus with major economies like USA dia has always been a education hub despite several unfavourable has emerged as IT superpower & is witnessg huge growth rates without beg a dustrial manufacturg hub. Crime levelsdia- Ranked - Ranked % more than diaViolent hate crimedia-25.8 Ranked 55th. #10 Subhash Chandra Bose died plane crashClearly for all these years we have all believed that Subhash Chandra Bose died a plane crash But the recent surfacg of files related to the his life have question the credibility of this rumor that was spread across :- 10 about dia that nobody cared to even verify!Edit:- Image Courtesy: e email and social media posts about UNESCO selectg the dian National Anthem – Jana Gana Mana as the best the world is completely baseless This hoax email had fooled quite a number of dians who are pretty much the same group of people who thk that 1 Like = 1 child Africa No 6 HIV FrootiMedia Courtesy: Footnotes[1] ‘dia Is A Poor Country’ And Other Misconceptions We’ve Been Sold. The Mukherjee report of 1999 suggests that Bose didn’t die an air crash 1945 Even though the court rejected this report there is no record of a plane crash at the time Bose was believed to be flyg Add to that no DNA analysis was done on the ashes that are said to be Bose's to prove otherwise3 “An eye for an eye would leave the whole world bld” -Mahatma Gandhi. To call dia a country is technically correct but fails to take to account the immense scope of the county’s population geography (dia is the 7the largest country by size) and large part to its history dia is far more like the EU than an dividual country Until relatively recently dia was a collection of prcely states with powerful rulers which contributed to the country’s vast differences from area to are 14 different official languages spoken dia and dia has one of the world’s richest mixes of religious beliefs Four of the world’s oldest religions Hduism Buddhism Sikhism and Jaism were born dia You’ll also fd sizeable Muslim and Christian populations addition to regional differences language beliefs and customs the food differs greatly from one section of the county to another. Teritary sector constitutes 57% of our GDP yet employg just 10% of dian workforce Just image our capabilities when the rest are utilized some sectors which aren't developed yet(Agriculture & Manufacturg).dia nurtures best engeer and doctors who are envied all over the world for securg highest jobs companies all over the world Whether it be Microsoft CEO-Satya Nadela or Google CEO-Sundar Pichai…….dia is wagg war with it's neighbours out of nowhere… Aga-ABSOLUTELY NOTWe as a nation have always supported peace and multipolar world strata every ternational fora….dia is the only country the world which has never vaded any nation her history of 1,00,000 years This IS FOR OUR NEIGHBOURS!We don’t hate Pakistanis or Muslims: I have read various answers sayg that Pakistanis don’t hate dians! well the vice-versa is also true!Just because we don’t hate you we won’t give you Kashmir!Our defence forces are quite strong: Stop conquerg us bit by bit! Just because we don’t take revenge doesn’t mean we are weak! We just love peace!Peace,Nishh. While over 80% of the dian population are Hdus it is accurate to call the country a Hdu state Hduism is the world’s oldest religion but differs dramatically from the Western concept of religion Hduism has no core doctre there is not central authority followers are not expected to follow any one basic concept and the religion has no one 19 the century mystic Sri Ramakrishna once said that for Hdus “there can be as many spiritual paths as there are spiritual aspirants and similarly there can be as many gods as there are moods feelgs and emotions with the dividual believer,” which remas one of the best descriptions of the religion. This is a stone cold lie because there are organizations like the US Department of Defense People’s Liberation Army of Cha Walmart and many others that beat dian Railways to the top of this list Looks like fally IRCTC itself is on a waitg No 8 dia has never vaded another countryImage Courtesy: morngreporters Dia has one of the densest populations on the planet and the slums that are so vividly depicted movies do exist Dealg with the amount of trash and waste generated by 1.2 billion people and a growg economy can present a challenge Additionally like many emergg economies cludg Cha environmental concerns have often lagged behd growth other r to say that dia is unclean as a whole is simply not true Many areas of the country are credibly clean and environmental improvements are contug. Love s are on the crease but there is still a lot of skepticism about them Love s with the same caste and fancial background are favored compared to ter-caste and ter-religious s Couples who dare cross the social conventions have to cope with a lot of social pressure with their families and outside These problems are more acute the rural areas compared to the urban areas and metropolitan cities Much depends upon the family background If parents are educated and enlightened on both sides thgs would be easier for the children who get volved unconventional relationships Western countries many people have adopted the use of the hdi word ‘namaste’ to give the impression that they are really spiritual or at least like to thk they are Namaste has almost become synonymous with yoga or meditation or some other zen-like practice adopted by the west and you’ll often hear it used at the end of many yoga may come as news to many then that namaste has little to do with yoga modern dia ‘Namaste’ or ‘namaskar’ (the more formal and more commonly used version) is a respectful form of greetg Hdu custom It can be used as a way of acknowledgg and welcomg a relative guest or stranger and as a way of expressg this list cleared your conceptions about dia Sources:[1] The better dia 1 Thanks Anupam Kumar (अनुपम कुमार) for beg specific!2 Thanks Smit Jethwa for emphasisg!3 Thanks Nishant Tiwari and Harsh Srivastava and Harsh Chanchal for your valuable puts! Hockey is not and I repeat NOT the national sport of dia This has been notified by the mistry that there has not been any official order or notification which calls hockey the national game The response from the mistry has come on an RTI query from a ten-year-old girl who was curious about the details surroundg the so-called national sport of the HD !!!!!! Yup the dian team back then 1950 actually made it to FIFA; of course after four teams backed out from participatg Pardon me there! AIFF (All dia Football Federation) blamed FIFA for disqualifyg the dian team because the players wanted to play barefoot If truth be told the tour to Brazil back then was a pricey affair for the AIFF And knowg that the dian team would not even stand a chance to make it to fals let alone be wners agast teams like Italy AIFF blamed FIFA to escape their own embarrassment. The Mukherjee report of 1999 suggests that Bose didn’t die an air crash 1945 Even though the court rejected this report there is no record of a plane crash at the time Bose was believed to be No 3 “An eye for an eye would leave the whole world bld” – Mahatma GandhiIf like us you also thought that this famous quote belongs to the Mahatma’s extensive repository of catchy Twitter-worthy one-lers then you’re so mistaken Contrary to popular belief these words were actually said by Ben Kgsley the movie Gandhi There is no record of this statement beg made by Gandhi any of his collected No 4 dia was disqualified from FIFA world cup 1950 because the players sisted on playg barefoot With the exception of the tiger myth(myth that tigers roam on dian northern state's Street) the same thgs can be said with some degree of accuracy about America Australia and many parts of Europe at least isolated areas general dia is no more dangerous than any other modern country the world and some cases it is considerably regards to the tiger myth that one is pretty much not true anywhere the world stead we are supposed to save them. #3 Gandhi danced with a British ladyThis photo has been circulated sce ages claimg to be of Mahatama Gandhi dancg with a British Lady But that’s not true at all This photo was clicked durg a party where an Australian actor dressed up like his idol Mahatama Gandhi showed up.#4 Varanasi is the oldest contuously habited city around. Myth No 3: Matrimonial Sites are only For Those Wantg to Get Married. The vimal pan masala Harish sariya and MDH masale asli masale sach sach Most stupid contribution award goes to Bollywood I heard this one a few months ago and was absolutely floored Sadly enough the person was serious And a lesson for western world- are u mad i aga repeat we are world's fastest growg economy don't we have any job except dancg Sabzi Mandi Highway and where not… Note- Bollywood hereos can dance anywhwre… Dian Matrimonial Sites today’s times are a fertile field for lumpen elements to hone their skills on unsuspectg men and women of able and not-so-able ages Let me make it clear that we are not castg any aspersions on the management of these weddg related These were all started with noble tentions by the founders – an idea to create a modern platform for men and women to fd each other and make the whole process of meetg prospective brides and grooms more efficient and effective.

Accordg to Hduism (vivaha) between two persons is a sacred relationship that is not limited to this life alone It extends across seven or more lives durg which the couple help each other progress spiritually The adage that s are made heaven is very much true case of Hduism Two souls come together and marry because their karmas are tertwed and they have to resolve many thgs together upon earth order to ensure their mutual salvation The relationship between a couple is essentially a relationship of the souls It is not necessary that their gender roles are fixed for ever Some times they may switch roles and the husband may become the wife and the wife the husband Sometimes they may also temporarily part their ways and come together aga after one or two lives a grand reunion. Usa- Ranked % more than dia And a year ago i heard a speech of American diplomat advisg dians to control hate crimes… Murder ratedia- -5 Double of diaPolice officersdia-122.5 Ranked 28th. Dia has masses of wealth It has one of the fastest growg economies the world and a 2016 New World Wealth Report on the world’s wealthiest countries dia ranked 7th ( its large population largely boostg this rankg) The problem is that this wealth is extremely unequally distributed The difference the wealth share held by dia’s poorest and richest is enormous The New World Wealth estimates dia’s richest top 10% to own 76.3% of national wealth whilst its poorer portion hustles for a mere 4.1% And the divide keeps ’s no other place that showcases this equality quite like dia’s commercial capital Mumbai Mumbai has long been home to some of the richest people on the subcontent and it also happens to have the third-largest slum the world home to between roughly 700,000 to about 1 million people right its centre. To all those foreigners out there this answer is for you!dia is not like what you saw the movie “slum dog millionaire” fact you just saw a ty part of dia that movie!Our country is not like this or most people don’t live such places,or it is not. 3 A land only for Hdus : dia is one of the largest secular countries the world Although only 80% of the population is Hdu most still believe every dian conforms to Hduism dia was called Hdustan but not because of an overwhelmg Hdu fluence “Hdustan” was actually coed by the ancient Arabs meang the land beyond the dus*.4 IT Specialists Everywhere : We produce IT geniuses but we have other geniuses as well Paters writers architects sgers musicians doctors lawyers scientists and many more!5 Arranged s : dia is gradually transcendg all fences put up by castes and religion when it comes to matters of love and comradery. #7 dian railways is world’s largest manpower employerWe do have one of the largest railway network the world but that doesn’t mean we would achieve everythg on large-scale related to dian Railways So do not believe just any rumors; dian railways might have an army of employees deployed but surely not the largest.#8 Milka Sgh looked back durg 1960 Olympics There has been no affirmative record that MK Gandhi ever made this statement fact this was used as one of the dialogues by actor Ben Kgsley who played the lead Gandhi It is said that this was spired from Matthew 5:38 of biblical verse which says “You have heard that it has been said an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth…”#6 dia was disqualified. The Taj Mahal is without a doubt the most recognisable landmark dia However to state that a country with thousands of years of history which is responsible for wonderful temples forts and palaces along with wonderful beaches and mountaous regions can be summed up with one structure is similar to sayg Big Ben defes London. Refer:- List of oldest contuously habited cities - Wikipedia#5 Gandhi said “An eye for. Dependg on the time of year you go you might notice that yes it is hot but if you stepped off a plane Barcelona August you’d have the same experience there too It is true that dia has many tense aromas cense is burned the street and outside of temples rubbish is openly burnt on the streets spices with pungent smells are used dishes and sometimes cooked on the roadside and yes But these thgs are not everywhere you go and most of the smells (bar the defecation and burng rubbish) are actually very pleasant. But somewhere along the way as with most other mass market ternet properties the seedy elements uncovered the hidden potential of the medium and began to use the anonymity and the relative ease of use that these sites provided to their advantage As the foundg partner of one of the best Pre Matrimonial detective agency Mumbai I have been privy to hundreds of cases regardg matters of fraud and blackmailg and I feel I am well-equipped to pot out three of the regardg the use of Matrimonial dia Myth No.1: dian Matrimonial Sites are loaded with profiles of eligible men and women of. 1 Brahmacharya is the practice of celibacy as a student grihastha is the life as a householder vanaprastha is life of a forest dweller when one retires to a forest after retirg from active duty and sanyasa is life of renunciation) (adsbygoogle = oogle || []).push({}); Translate. Mithly The pot i am tryg to make is these nations are causg disputes out of nowhere & not dia and the testament to it is their disputes with other nation This aptly manifests their assertiveness and usage of terrorism and other malign tactics to get their terest served…… Travellg to dia is DangerousAga comes the myth of dians beg victimised by crimals roamg scores while law and order is absent here…Many would-be visitors avoid experiencg the wonders of dia because it is “dangerous” If one believes the rumours; the medical conditions are horrendous there are poisonous snakes everywhere crime is rampant and you are likely to be attacked by. Many would-be visitors avoid experiencg the wonders of dia because it is “dangerous” If one believes the rumours; the medical conditions are horrendous there are poisonous snakes everywhere crime is rampant and you are likely to be attacked by a the exception of the tiger myth the same thgs can be said with some degree of accuracy about America Australia and many parts of Europe at least isolated areas general dia is no more dangerous than any other modern country the world and some cases it is considerably regards to the tiger myth that one is pretty much not true anywhere. Usa-27.3 Ranked 9th 15 times more than dia….Rapes per million peopledia- Ranked - Ranked 9th 15 times more. One of the evils of Hdu s is the ubiquitous dowry system The amount of dowry can be a very substantial amount even dollar terms dependg upon the fancial status of the parties volved Sometimes greedy mother--laws and husbands subject the poor brides to numerable hardships for not meetg their expectations respect of the dowry Cases of bride burng are not unknown dian penal code prescribes severe punishment for such acts But the cases take years and decades before the courts deliver justice Hdu s are also very expensive because of the status dowry expensive gifts family prestige and other issues volved The bride's parents have to bear the brunt of most of the expenses and many cases it leads to their fancial debtedness. Misa Bharti daughter of Lalu Prasad Yadav posted a picture of her standg on a podium of Harvard claimg that she was vited to lecture the gatherg on the Role of Youth A Harvard spokesperson confirmed that she was vited for no such lecture5 Hockey is dia's national sport. The origal draft of the Constitution of dia didn’t even have the term ‘Secular’ Only after it was amended 1976 the word ‘Secular’ was added to the Preamble and other sections of the :- Forty-second Amendment of the Constitution of dia - Wikipedia Cricket is the most popular game the country and thanks to astute promoters and talented players is well on its way to beg as close the national sport as any However the population is also very fond of football boxg wrestlg tennis and badmton which is said to have origated the subcontent. An RTI reply the Sports Mistry has made it clear that it has not declared any sport as the national game whereas the web portal of the government,National Portal of dia has posted an article callg hockey dia's National Game The fact remas that it was never declared our national sport even though it is all over our NCERT textbooks You’Ll be amazed to know that our textbooks made us believe that Hockey is the sacred national sport of dia despite Cricket beg the most sought play While a few would try showg off their knowledge by sayg Kabaddi is fact dia’s national sport believe none! The real fact is dia has no national :- Hockey is not our national game: Mistry - Times. Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked *CommentYour Name *. Right LivgYoga of SorrowHappessMental HealthConcepts of BuddhismGeneral ut Jayaram V Milkha Sgh looked back durg the 400m race at the 1960 Rome Flyg Sikh Milkha Sgh was never leadg the 400m fal of the 1960 Rome Olympics Yes he didn’t look back He was fifth le and with great effort secured fourth position2 Subhash Chandra Bose died a. Dia's populace reside mostly slumsWell you are absolutely wrong as only 1 percent of dian populace live onto those urban slums… This potrayal of dia can be attributed to World famous movie Slum Dog millionaire which showed only a small aspect of World's most diverse civilization with countless way of livg which obviously cludes livg standards… There is no question that dia is a developg third-world country That means that a large number of people are “poor” especially by Western standards. Myth No 2: Matrimonial Sites are the Only Avenue for an Arranged

6 The Spicy Food : dia is much too diverse to not have a type of food that will not only save you some tears but will make you reach for more All the butter-duced gravies of the north the coconut flavored dishes of the south and any food based rich dairy are just some of the options you. Usa-243.6 Ranked % more than dia Despite havg almost double police force per million crime rate murder rate rapes are higher USATotal crimesdia- million Ranked - million Ranked 1st 7 times more than every means the developed world is havg more crimes than our nation & yet they look down pity onto us as if we are livg some place where we all are sufferg from crimes at daily dians run around trees sgg. Your Website Though some of them do live such places mentioned above; we also have most of the places like this and quite developed!namma metro,fosys mysore, Early dian tradition held that women would become homemakers after Now that is not the case Female literacy is at an all-time high and the scores of female students are generally higher than their male counterparts dian women are found workg as lawyers journalists doctors and engeers It should also be noted that several cultures and regions dia are matriarchs. Gandhi had a lot of fancy one-lers the kd that he could've owned Twitter with if he was around this day and age But for all his wise quips this wasn't one of them Contrary to popular belief these words were actually said by Ben Kgsley the movie Gandhi There is no record of this statement beg made by Gandhi any of his collected works4 Lalu Prasad Yadav's daughter Misa Bharti gave a lecture at Harvard. 1 Hdu is essentially an extension of the four aims (purusharthas) and the four stages (ashramas) of human life Unless a person has accepted the life of renunciation out of his tense longg for liberation is sacred responsibility (dharma) of each and every dividual society 3 Hdus consider as a sacred relationship between two souls not just two bodies is meant for the contuation of family and practice of dharma Hdu tradition there is no concept as divorce Once married a couple are wedded for life Divorce is a modern practice troduced to Hdu society through the Hdu Act dia.5 Hdus believe that the relationship extends beyond one's life.6 the traditional the bride and the bridegroom are considered as divities The bride is first married to gods and then placed under the bridegroom's protection as a gift. Conclusion i would say that dia is a beautiful country with its varyg set of strengths and weaknesses just like any other country Don’t believe what you see the media and make judgements only after you’ve visited the country yourself.I scerely acknowledge and accept that we aren't perfect and still have mickle issues to deal with but we are marchg on the path of glory with highest growth rate world & cooperative mdset for gs….wait and watch another superpower makg (^o^;(^o^; I hope that bustg some about dia not only will it somehow confront common misconceptions people have about dia but I hope that it will also promote more positive attitudes towards the country. Bio: Amit Sen is the foundg partner of Alliance One – a pre marital detective agency Mumbai that specializes providg thorough Background Verification Services amongst others Amit is also a traed pilot and an aviator and likes to rema grounded on the days when he is not flyg high Tags: Amit Sen Background Verification Services Mumbai Pre Matrimonial

Dia does have the lowest consumption of meat of any country the world which has resulted some of the most flavourful vegetarian dishes on the planet However fish chicken and even beef dishes are widely available If you’ve given up meat for ethical reasons however dia is a far cry from the idyllic non-meat eaters utopia that it’s often made out. Search Hduwebsite Featured Article | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Bhagavadgita Wisdom Upanishad WisdomExplore HduismHdu Rituals