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Tollak retired from Michigan tate in 2010 He tetified in court that he uffered a troke after retirement that ha ignificantly impaired hi memory He alo aid he dipoed of the note he kept on hi client when he retired There i no record that tollak who wa bound by tate law to report upected abue talked with anyone ele at the univerity or to police about the alleged abue He told the court that he did not recall eeing the woman a a the meeting with Naar and tollak tephen ay her parent brought her back to Naar' home and told her to apologize to him he refued and tuck to her tory for the following year Her relationhip with her father became "volatile" during that time He routinely preured her to admit that what he had told them about Naar wa a lie About a year later when he wa 13 year old her father made it clear hi patience had. Reportedly the real Madon and Cunanan fought that weekend after Madon refued Cunanan' romantic advance American Crime tory turn the advance into a propoal Who know if that actually happened but the real Cunanan did once call Madon "the man I want to marry,” according to friend who poke. "your name i not Andrew Deilva it' Andrew Cunanan," accue Nouri' Blachford midway through the epiode "Andrew Deilva" wa the peudonym Cunanan ued in the an Diego LGBT cene According to Orth' reporting the torie he told acquaintance uing that name bordered on the aburd ome made their way into American Crime one point on the how Cunanan trie to tell Blachford he ha a Ph.D According to Orth the real Cunanan told hi friend he had gone to Choate dropped out of Yale and tranferred to Bennington In fact he quit after one year at the Univerity of California an Diego where he majored in hitory (Orth reported that Cunanan pent year at the college but a 2001Time article tate he quit after frehman year.) Other truted Naar enough to drop off their daughter at hi houe for treatment often late at night He wa an in-demand doctor who wa willing to find time after hour to help their family Lindey Lemke the Michigan tate gymnat who grew up in the ame town a Naar ay he gained her family' trut becaue he would do "anything for anybody at any time of day that you aked."Chrity Lemke-Akeo Lindey' mother ocialized with Naar and conidered him a family friend They exchanged Chritma gift he didn't heitate to run errand while Lindey wa at Naar' office or in hi home at night."How could we have mied thi?" Lemke-Akeo ay "I wa on my kid' back 24/7 about Facebook and Twitter I would follow them on their phone to ee where they went every night I thought I had everything under control It wa a terrible feeling a a parent becaue you do feel like you've dropped. Naar told the officer that he had been doing thoe thing ince he tarted eeing patient again the previou ummer He told trampel upon returning to work that the impact of the Title IX invetigation "will forever affect me."At leat a dozen young and girl have reported to police that Naar aaulted them after he wa allowed to return to work Former Olympian Aly Raiman and former U national team member Maggie Nichol who have reported being exually aaulted by Naar to the FBI ay their abue continued after July 2014 everal of the who aw Naar during that period aid he didn't have a chaperone in the examination on Michigan tate' campu and that he touched them without wearing glove clear violation of the protocol he agreed to follow after the Title IX invetigation. Geddert joined Great Lake a head coach in 1984 and helped build the gym into a national powerhoue In the workout area he frequently could be overheard creaming at hi gymnat reducing many to tear He threw thing He routinely denied gymnat water until they performed exercie to hi atifaction former gymnat ay."John' very good at emotional manipulation He can make you feel like nothing very quickly," ay a former office manager of Geddert' at Twitar Pricilla Kintigh who wa coached by Geddert at Great Lake in the mid-1980 and whoe on trained at Twitar "Larry wa the one to calm the girl down when they had a practice with John If I had a daughter there' no way I would have taken her to Great Lake or Twitar." Tephen ay he reached a level of peace with her father in the year that followed that altercation He told her he wa wracked with guilt for believing Naar epecially becaue he worked for many year a a caretaker in a home for abued children he ay he think the chronic pain with no hope of relief wa the main reaon her father took hi life but the guilt he felt in thoe final year "really broke hi pirit and hi belief that he wa worth keeping alive."Le than ix month after hi death a 31-year-old lawyer and mother of three named Rachael Denhollander filed a police report alleging that Naar had abued her when he wa a teenage gymnat he became the firt peron to publicly accue Naar of aault in an article publihed in The Indianapoli tar in eptember 2016. Denhollander' tory convinced dozen of other and girl to come forward Thi week many of them will detail their tragic encounter with Naar in a Michigan court The torie that have exited in iolation for a quarter-century will be for the firt time told in a common etting a Naar and a judge who will decide hi prion entence truted reputation he built a a hield and the gap of communication in which he preyed upon young girl and for decade will be gone For Denhollander and the many other like her only a portion of the jutice they eek will be done The quetion and fallout from Naar' action will linger for them and for all who urrounded Naar for o. "looking back now I think that what Larry wa trying to figure out wa: Can I really get away with exually abuing little girl?" ay Jane who had met Naar at the gymnatic club in nearby Laning where he'd been training ince age 5 The former gymnat who poke to Outide the Line on the condition of anonymity to protect her family' privacy agreed to be identified uing only a peudonym he i one of the more than 150 uing Naar hi former employer Michigan tate Univerity and other entitie claiming he wa exually aaulted under the guie of medical treatment. In THE LATE pring of 2015 inide the Karolyi Ranch jut north of Houton -- the Team UA gymnatic training center run by coache Bela and Martha Karolyi -- viiting coach arah Jantzi overheard a troubling converation Maggie Nichol Jantzi' tar gymnat who at 14 made the U ' national team wa peaking with Aly Raiman captain of the 2012 and 2016 gold medal-winning Olympic decribed to Raiman treatment eion he had had with Naar Raiman told Outide the Line Jantzi became o concerned about what he overheard that he notified Nichol' mother and UA Gymnatic official. Ua Gymnatic official declined to anwer pecific quetion from Outide the Line but iued the following tatement:"UA Gymnatic admire and upport the young who have courageouly tepped forward to hare their torie of abue epecially thoe who have been abued by Larry Naar Thi week i about jutice for thoe giving them opportunity to peak directly to their predator and hare with the judge the impact of hi crime We urge the judge to levy the mot evere penalty on Naar for the reprehenible crime he committed."We are orry that any athlete wa harmed during her gymnatic career UA Gymnatic i committed to and focued on further developing a culture of empowerment that ha afe port a a top priority throughout the organization Thi include promoting an environment that empower everyone to be obervant to have the courage to quetion and peak up about difficult topic epecially abue." In March Penny reigned from UA Gymnatic At the time Penny not only faced widepread criticim for the way he had handled complaint againt Naar but an invetigation by The Indianapoli tar revealed UA Gymnatic had a pattern of ignoring or mihandling complaint of exual abue by dozen of and hi attorney both declined to Wall treet Journal reported that Penny received a $1 million everance package."I really think there need to be an independent invetigation to figure out who knew what and when [at UAG]," Lynn Raiman told Outide the Line "What UAG and MU did it magnifie. Lemmen reigned under preure lat January he faced allegation that he had failed to tell her boe that Naar had told her -- in 2015 -- he wa being invetigated by UA Gymnatic for upected abue according to her peronnel file firt obtained by the Laning tate Journal he alo wa accued of removing ome of Naar' patient file from the port clinic after he wa fired by MU in 2016 In a letter ent by trampel to Lemmen before he reigned trampel told her that had the chool known about the 2015 UAG allegation it could have taken tep to review Naar' conduct earlier. He and her older brother ometime played hide-and-eek with Naar in the baement while the other adult remained uptair he ay he'd often hide in hi boiler tucked between a furnace and a ink On everal occaion he ay Naar entered the and pretending not to ee her maturbated in front of her He tahed a bottle of lotion in the "I till know that [lotion'] mell," he aid in her firt court appearance "The mell till make. Among the four wa Dr Brooke Lemmen a fellow phyician who wa viewed by colleague a a cloe friend and "protégé" of Naar' he told the Title IX invetigator in the pring of 2014 there wa nothing exual about the treatment Naar adminitered The other three expert agreed with her opinion and decided that the complainant didn't undertand the "nuanced difference" between the medical procedure. Lemke-Akeo ay he aked her daughter everal time in the fall of 2016 if Naar had ever abued her and Lindey hook her off Both had trouble coming to grip with their hattered reality It wan't until he wa charged with child pornography poeion -- authoritie found more than 37,000 image -- that they fully believed Naar had ill intention when treating whoe father did not believe that he had been abued ay the fact he refued to apologize to Naar wa a contant ubject in what had become a contentiou relationhip with her father he ay he branded her a a liar Her father uffered from chronic debilitating phyical pain throughout much of her life and he ay the cocktail of drug he wa precribed to manage that affected hi mental well-being.A month before he left for college in 2010 he decided it wa time to try again to tell her father that Naar had aaulted her. "he never once aid 'I Maggie OK?'" Intead he ay Penny told her "We need to keep thi quiet It' very enitive We don't want thi to get out."It wa the year before the Rio didn't leave hi poition a national medical coordinator for UA Gymnatic until month after the organization had been firt informed of hi upected abue He poted a lengthy farewell meage on hi Facebook page on aying "it ha come time for me to retire" from UA Gymnatic At the time the organization didn't refute that Naar wa voluntarily tepping down but a year later aid it had cut tie with him and reported him to law enforcement officer in the ummer of 2015 due to "athlete concern." Naar wa well aware of the way Geddert worked with gymnat What' not clear even today i how much Geddert knew about Naar' erial exual abue On at leat one occaion Geddert walked into the back of Twitar while Naar wa digitally penetrating a young gymnat according to the woman' court tetimony: "All I remember i him [Naar] doing the treatment on me with hi finger in my vagina maaging my back with a towel over my butt and John walking in and making a joke that I gue my back really did hurt."Jane the gymnat who took the bath at Naar' apartment and trained at Great Lake ay the dynamic in Geddert' gym had led her to conclude that "part of what enabled thi i John broke little girl' pirit and bodie and Larry wa there to fix them."Geddert declined to comment Hi attorney did not repond to requet for comment.

In the first incident reported in November 2011 the parent of a Twistars gymnast who also worked at the club as a coach told state police that during a heated argument after an evening practice Geddert followed her into the parking lot and physically assaulted her by stepping on her foot and chest bumping her to prevent her from leaving In the second incident a year later a gymnast told police Geddert "stepped on her toe grabbed her arm and pushed her into the wall" to discipline her according to a police report Geddert who told police the 11-year-old "got her ass chewed," denied the allegations of assault and did not face charges in either y after the second alleged incident the girl's grandmother received a series of text messages from an unexpected source -- Larry Nassar He pleaded with her not to file charges against Geddert. Naar gave her a floor pa from the Olympic Game igned by gold medalit Natia Liukin and allowed Guerrero to it in the throughout the treatment He wa in the each time hi daughter aw Naar He ay Naar ued hi body to block Guerrero' view and talked caually a Naar touched hi daughter."He wa a profeional at what he did Not a doctor -- a profeional predator," Guerrero ay "He poitioned himelf in place where I couldn't ee where hi hand were and he would be doing what he wanted The whole time he' thinking it' normal becaue I'm itting there with her and he' doing tuff he houldn't. Maggie Nichol ay that Naar tarted exually abuing her during medical exam at the Karolyi Ranch when he wa 15 while being treated for evere back pain Raiman ay Naar tarted abuing her when he wa 15 he ay he would give her deert a treat which were forbidden at the ranch where the Karolyi cloely monitored what the gymnat ate "He wa ging me o he could molet me," Raiman a victim-impact tatement McKayla Maroney alo decribed in detail how Naar began abuing her when he wa alo 13 at the Karolyi Ranch everal other national team gymnat have alleged Naar exually abued them there including Mattie Laron a Team UA member from 2005-10 who wa one of the firt to ue Naar UAG and the were not allowed to tay with their children at the ranch or during international competition. Whether or not the real Cunanan did deign Blachford' home i unknown One Gamma Mu member told Orth he aumed "Andrew wa hired to be Mr Blachford’ decorator.”ee all of the bet photo of the week in thee lidehowIn the epiode Cunanan leave Blachford after the older man refue him lavih gift and move into thi own place In reality he crahed with a couple he knew Erik Greenman and Tom Ead a waiter and retaurant manager in an Diego It wa Ead who told Orth that Cunanan requeted a Mercede 500L and firt-cla flight from Blachford Cri' Cunanan preent a imilar lit of demand on the how with an extra requet: to be written into Blachford' will There i no evidence of the latter requet There' no evidence that Cunanan viited hi mother before he took off for Minneapoli and American Crime tory undoubtedly took libertie with her peronality Drama demand creative licene The Aaination of Gianni Verace air Wedneday at 10 p.m ET. Her mother went gaunt he had her daughter repeat the tory to her father The parent decided they would conult a pychologit They took her to Dr Gary tollak who wa then a Michigan tate profeor and a clinical pychologit tollak organized a meeting with the woman' parent and Naar to dicu her accuation tephen then a young teenager wa not at the meeting and Naar denied any wrongdoing he ay he viited tollak' office roughly eight time ometime by herelf and ometime with her parent he doen't recall the doctor ever aking her quetion about the abue when her parent were abent or trying to determine whether her ide of the tory wa true he decribed their eion a more akin to "uncomfortable" ex education leon. Everal OF THE current and former gymnat who have accued Naar of abue have poken about how they initially felt privileged to ee him given hi tatu a the doctor for Team UA But Naar wa arguably one of the mot acceible doctor in and around Eat Laning too He aw patient at the port medicine clinic on the Michigan tate Univerity campu where he worked full time a a volunteer at Great Lake Gymnatic and later Twitar and at Holt High chool not far from hi home He aw girl after hour at hi home to accommodate parent' chedule He followed many of the girl he aw a patient on ocial media often commenting on their the fall of 1997 Naar treated young gymnat in the baement of Michigan tate' Jenion Fieldhoue That' where he met. "john wa in hi 30 an extremely good-looking fit guy uper charimatic When John wa in a good mood or playful or approved of you it wa like a drug you wanted more of it," Jane ay about her training with him a a by comparion wa ocially awkward even "nerdy," he ay But till "like a Labrador puppy the weetet guy afe."The men were all but ineparable profeionally and ocially They worked together for more than 25 year firt at Great Lake Gymnatic and tarting in 1996 at the gym Geddert own now Twitar UA Gymnatic Club near Eat Laning They worked the 2012 Olympic together Geddert wa in Naar' wedding party when Naar got married in Eat Laning in 1996 They attended each other' houe partie and traveled the country and later the world together at competition They vouched for each other when faced with career-threatening circumtance. The epiode' titular moment i Cunanan' decent into drug ue after Madon refue hi propoal The real Cunanan wa a drug uer and dealer According to a 1997 Wahington Pot profile he became addicted to Vicodin while elling precription drug to hi friend And tetimonie from an Diego bartender who poke to Orth ay that by April 1997—the month he murdered Trail—Cunanan wa drinking Merlot "like there wa no tomorrow.”  A medical profeional the Nichol are both required by law to immediately report upected child ex abue to authoritie but out of concern they would hurt their daughter' future in the port -- and becaue they had been told Naar had already been reported and any action on their part might jeopardize the invetigation -- they remained Gymnatic official have aid they kept the matter confidential overall becaue of "the FBI' directive not to interfere with the invetigation." But in mid-June 2015 when Penny made hi initial phone call to Gina Nichol nobody from UA Gymnatic had poken with the ay it wan't until July 2016 jut before the Olympic trial that he and her daughter received their firt phone call from an FBI agent invetigating. "the culture of enabling i abolutely vital to why pedophile flourih," Denhollander aid when Naar pleaded guilty to abuing her and nine other in November "You don't get omeone like Larry Naar you don't get a pedophile who i able to abue without there being a culture urrounding him in that place Until we deal with the enabler thi i going to continue to happen." Journalit Maureen Orth whoe 1999 book Vulgar Favor i the bai for the FX how back up thi account adding that Blachford afforded Cunanan a $2,000 a month allowance and a 1996 Infiniti I30T—the car we ee Cri driving in the opening hot of the epiode everal report mention that Blachford—and briefly Cunanan—were member of Gamma Mu then a private fraternity and ocial club for cloeted gay men The Aaination of Gianni Verace leave Gamma Mu out of it American Crime tory perhap becaue the fraternity i now openly upportive of it LGBT member. Jane the former gymnat remember being alone with Naar on multiple occaion lying on hi training- table a he penetrated her rectum with hi bare finger otenibly to treat her injured back he can't recall the precie date of thoe eion but aid they occurred around the ame time he viited hi apartment in 1992-93 when he wa 12 or 13 year old he never told her parent or anyone ele at the time about what happened with Naar who wan't yet a phyician He never ought parental conent."It wan't even a thought of anything' wrong," he ay now Naar after all wa "the good cop" to Geddert' bad cop the miling trainer who helped gymnat decompre from the preure-cooker environment Geddert created outide of the training door. After Jantzi reported to UA Gymnatic what he had overheard UAG official hired a workplace harament invetigator who interviewed Nichol Raiman and Maroney before UA Gymnatic reported the upected abue -- a month later -- to federal authoritie according to the gymnat' attorney John Manly UA Gymnatic official initially publicly aid they reported the allegation "immediately" to law enforcement Later UAG official acknowledged the delayed timeline but that "UA Gymnatic never attempted to hide Naar' miconduct."Nichol' cae i believed to mark the firt time UA Gymnatic official received a report about upected abue by Naar A day after Jantzi' report about what he had overheard Nichol' mother Gina received a phone call It wa from teve Penny the preident and CEO of UA Gymnatic who tarted the converation by aying: "I undertand Maggie ha ome concern," Gina Nichol ay. With hi future in doubt it wa Geddert who came to Naar' aid writing a letter to the dean of Michigan tate' College of Oteopathic Medicine aying he wouldn't allow Naar back in hi gym until he completed medical chool Naar wa ultimately readmitted at MU and told he could complete hi degree in five year rather than abence from Great Lake lated a the year that followed Naar and Geddert roe to greater prominence within the gymnatic world In 1996 Naar became national medical coordinator for the port' governing body UA Gymnatic a poition that made him part of an iconic Olympic moment that ame year: He helped Team UA gymnat Kerri trug to the bench in Atlanta after he wa injured on the vault He frequently impreed young gymnat in and around Laning with ribbon and poter he'd bring to them a gift from hi travel to international competition. Trampel whoe attorney declined comment on hi behalf told the detective he aw no need to let other in the clinic know about Naar' guideline or to et up any ytem that would make ure he wa following them Having omeone ele in the when treating a enitive area i "healthcare 101," trampel aid Depite the fact Naar wa under a police invetigation trampel told the detective that he jut had not een a need to follow Naar' track record trampel who tepped down from hi poition a dean and took a medical leave in December did not appear to approach Naar with a different degree of kepticim over time: When Naar emailed trampel in eptember 2016 to let him know that reporter from The Indianapoli tar wanted to ak him quetion about new exual abue allegation trampel wihed Naar luck and wrote: "I am on. Free acce to 40+ digital edition Webite acce Daily Newletter Print & Digital Weekly magazine delivered Daily Newletter Webite acce It doe not appear UA Gymnatic made any attempt to hare thoe concern with official from Michigan tate Univerity -- where Naar continued to ee patient -- or the tate medical board Michigan tate likewie did not inform UAG when it wa invetigating Naar in Nichol ay Penny repeated hi initial requet for dicretion in everal converation over the enuing month requet that truck her an operating nure and her huband John a phyician a odd Penny Gina Nichol ay put them in an impoible ituation and "wa in a poition of authority over me and my huband Our whole family gave up everything o we could put [Maggie] on. In that ame cene Cunanan tell Madon hi parent gave him the mater bed growing up Thi i reportedly true Cunanan’ iter Elena aid a much to journalit Diane awyer in an a 1997 interview on ABC “He got everything that he needed,” he aid “My dad gave him a port car He had the mater bed He had hi own bath and everything.” (American Crime tory delve deeper into Cunanan' childhood in future epiode.) Over the coure of the next everal year Naar grew bolder he ay that he would it next to her on a baement couch while he and her brother watched televiion and rubbed her feet againt hi crotch He progreed to putting a blanket over himelf and her feet and he ay he pulled out hi genital and rubbed them againt her feet Eventually and on multiple occaion he put hi finger inide her The woman ay he didn't undertand the nature of what wa happening to her until a friend decribed an abuive encounter of her own while they rode the bu together in ixth grade he realized imilar thing had happened to her and that he needed to tell her parent."Mom," tephen ay he told her mother one night in her bed during the ummer after he completed ixth grade "when Larry rub my feet he ue. © 2018 Newweek LLC Editor' NOTE: Thi tory contain trong language and mature ubject matter.A verion of thi tory appear in EPN The Magazine' Feb 5 tate of the Black Athlete Iue ubcribe today!JANE REMEMBER THE linoleum floor in the bath of Larry Naar' apartment he remember feeling trange a he walked in and handed her gymnatic magazine to read a he lay fully naked in hi bathtub he wa 12 or 13; he can't recall exactly. "i wan't lying," he remember telling him before hi hand hot out and pinned her neck to the chair where he wa itting "Then he aid -- well he growled 'What did you ay?' I gaped 'I wan't lying.' He aid it again I wa baically choking and I aid 'I Wa Not Lying.' He jut crumpled You could ee hi face jut completely hatter like 'Holy hit thi 18-year-old doen't have any reaon to tick to that tory at thi point.' He jut at on the couch and jut tared into pace for a while."On Ma he died by uicide. After Naar aid he hould take a hot bath a part of the tudy' metric Jane got dreed in her leotard and did plit a econd time Then he ay Naar gave her what he called "her reward." On a training table crammed between the living and kitchenette he gave her a full-body maage Once again he wa naked The encounter didn't trike her a threatening; to the contrary he recall he "felt pecial." Other girl from Great Lake Gymnatic Club had been invited to Naar' apartment perhap five to even he ay and to be aked wa to become part of the. Tiffany Thoma Lopez a oftball player on full cholarhip ay he complained about Naar to three athletic trainer in 1998 a year after Boyce and the econd gymnat met with Klage to reveal their alleged abue."I felt like they thought I wa a liar," Thoma Lopez ay he eventually met with Detiny Teachnor-Hauk an athletic training upervior "he bruhed me off and made it eem like I wa crazy he made me feel like I wa crazy."Teachnor-Hauk who remain employed by Michigan tate declined comment An MU pokeman aid he could not comment due to pending litigation.A fourth MU athlete Chritie Achenbach ay he told a Michigan tate coach in 1999 detail of what happened to her during an appointment with Naar that year -- a year after Thoma Lopez had complained to trainer about Naar Achenbach told Outide the Line her coach aured her Naar wa a repected phyician. Cunanan alo tell Madon he' in the movie buine another favorite of hi lie Madon' friend Lapinki reportedly told the F.B.I that Cunanan once aid he wa making movie et with a friend named Duke Miglin (the name of Lee Miglin' on) The real hitory of Cunanan' relationhip with Miglin i unknown; the Miglin family continue to init that there wa no prior relationhip before Lee wa murdered but American Crime tory implie it began before the epiode' birthday party. Naar no older than 30 and putting the finihing touche on hi medical degree had called Jane' mother day before explaining he wa doing reearch about gymnat' flexibility and wanted her daughter' help On the day Jane wa to participate her mother wa out of town o a neighbor dropped her off alone at Naar' one-bed apartment a few block from the Michigan tate Univerity campu Once inide Naar had Jane do plit on hi living floor while he wore a gymnatic leotard."He meaured the flexibility how far your crotch came off the floor when you did the plit," Jane now 38 recall. Geddert would go on to become the mot decorated ' gymnatic coach in tate hitory coaching more than 50 U national team member including hi mot accomplihed athlete Jordyn Wieber a member of the famou "Fierce Five," the gold-medal-winning team from the 2012 London Olympic Wieber did not repond to EPN' requet for t erved a head coach of the ' team at the London Game In recent month three member of that team Aly Raiman McKayla Maroney and Gabby Dougla have alleged that they too were exually aaulted by Naar under the guie of medical treatment Maroney ay Naar abued her when he wa alone with her in Texa and in the month before and after the London Olympic Geddert' temper threatened hi career He wa accued of aault and battery in eparate incident at Twitar according to police report obtained by Outide.

The Aaination of Gianni Verace epiode ix "Decent," take place one year before Andrew Cunanan (played by Darren Cri) began the killing pree that ended with the murder of the titular deigner on J There are no murder in thi chapter but plenty of tenion and upene along with the uual blurring of  ' what "Decent" got right—and where erie writer Tom Rob mith and director Gwyneth Horder-Payton took creative BlachfordThe epiode open in 1996 in La Jolla California Cunanan i living in a beautiful eaide condo with hi wealthy male friend Norman Blachford (played by Flahdance tar Michael Nouri) Cunanan ha deigned and decorated the home and i paid with and board though we oon learn there i more to the arrangement That changed on a unday afternoon in the pring of 2014 trampel wa at home when he received a call telling him that a tudent had accued Naar of aaulting her maaging her breat and vaginal area when he viited him for a hip injury The day of her one and only appointment with Naar the woman told a receptionit and another doctor at the port medicine clinic he "felt violated." trampel told the detective he upended Naar from eeing patient indefinitely the following afternoon and let law enforcement and the chool' Title IX office take over from univerity' police department opened a criminal invetigation The univerity' Title IX department interviewed four expert to evaluate the complaint all of whom had tie. John Geddert who coached the 2012 U Olympic gymnatic team in London pent more than decade working alongide Naar.&nbp;Kyle Terada/UA TODAY portJOHN GEDDERT ONE of the nation' preeminent gymnatic coache wa everything Larry Naar. Becaue of Penny' aurance the invetigation wa being handled Raiman ay he did not meet with the FBI until ept 9 2016 in Colorado pring Colorado a month after erving a captain on Team UA' gold-medal-winning team in Rio Penny flew in for the interview he ay he ay he wouldn't allow Penny to be in the when he poke to the FBI agent invetigating the Monday afternoon Bile the all-around gold medalit in Rio iued a tatement aying he too had been abued by Naar: "For too long I've aked myelf 'Wa I too naive? Wa it my fault?' I now know the anwer to thoe quetion No No it wa not my fault No I will not and hould not carry the guilt that belong to Larry Naar UAG. Hortly after Klage ended up back with Geddert at hi gym Twitar he left in Augut after local media reported her preence there. The idea that Cunanan wa jealou of Verace' glamorou life a a gay man a Cri' hort peech in the cene ugget wa a popular theory among journalit after the murder But a a 1997 Pot article revealed invetigator never nailed down a precie n' motherIn the final minute of "Decent," Cunanan return to hi childhood home where we meet hi mother Mary Ann chillaci-Cunanan (played by Joanna Adler) The how preent a woman who i clearly untable—he niff her on while bathing him declaring he mell wrong and begin crubbing him vigorouly The men were joined at Great Lake Gymnatic by a mutual friend Kathie Klage who worked at the club for five year before leaving to become head coach of the ' gymnatic team at Michigan tate Univerity Together Klage and Geddert coached ome of the area' bet gymnat many of whom later competed in partan green Naar wa there to treat them when their bodie broke t' coaching tyle wa largely baed on fear and intimidation according to Jane and dozen of other who poke with Outide the Line over the pat year a group that include current and former gymnat parent of gymnat coache who have worked alongide Geddert and other gym employee Many of thoe contacted aid they were reluctant to peak publicly about Geddert becaue they either have children involved in gymnatic in the Laning area or career in the port and they are mindful of the power. Orth alo reported that Cunanan wanted Trail to help him with a cocaine deal which Trail wanted nothing to do with he even cited it a the reaon Trail left an Diego and moved to Minneapoli But there i no mention of that in the epiode; rather Trail ay he' leaving becaue he' the height of hi drug piral on the how Cunanan beg Blachford to let him back into hi home after they have broken up Blachford ay no and call the police There i no evidence of that thi Verace fittingThe cene where Verace take Cunanan' meaurement i a drugged-out hallucination (obviouly) It' alo actor Édgar Ramírez' only creentime in thi epiode. In the epiode Nouri' Blachford accue Cunanan of manufacturing their "accidental" meeting Thi i baed in fact A 1997 Wahington Pot profile noted that Cunanan wa "a multilingual ophiticate who knew exactly which older men he wanted to meet." Friend aid he would py on hi conquet gathering intelligence about their interet Nicole Ramirez-Murray a columnit for the an Diego Gay and Lebian Time aid that if an older man wa intereted in orchid "Cunanan would go out and buy every book available on orchid and oon he would be talking about the ubject a if he had tudied it all of. "if you don't tell the truth," he told her "I'm going to make your life a living hell."tephen ay the look on hi face that day made her believe him "and if I wan't already in a living hell I wa unprepared to endure one." he ay he decided it would be eaier to concede to the tory he wanted to parent who poke to Outide the Line ay Naar wa a effective in ging them a he wa in ging hi victim Tony Guerrero ay he beamed with pride the firt time he brought hi daughter to Naar' office on Michigan tate' campu in 2014 The wall of the where Naar aw patient were platered with autographed photo and memorabilia from Olympic gymnat and figure kater He ay it all made him feel like he wa providing hi daughter -- at the time a 12-year-old apiring to be an elite gymnat -- an opportunity to receive world-cla care. The real Blachford wa a an Diego buineman who made a fortune producing inulation for car He did upport the future killer for nearly a year beginning in 1995 in hi La Jolla home According to a May 1997 report from the an Diego Reader (after Cunanan became wanted by the FBI for the murder of Jeff Trail David Madon Lee Miglin and William Reee) Blachford wa thought to be in hi 60 when he got involved with the 26-year-old Cunanan. The sport demands a remarkable amount of time and commitment from those competing at its highest levels: four-and-a-half hour practices Monday through Friday; five-hour practices on Saturday Injuries are commonplace Parents were allowed to observe practices from the galleries at Great Lakes and later Twistars but given the long hours most preferred to drop their children off entrusting them to Geddert and his fellow the hyper-competitive environment in which the fiery head coach lorded over the gym Nassar's training room at Great Lakes offered an escape former gymnasts told Outside the Lines It was tucked behind the vault and balance beam through a heavy metal door with a single small window that Nassar often covered with a sheet while treating gymnasts A parent would have had to walk across the entire workout floor to get to the training room and few.

On A MONDAY morning lat March a pair of detective -- one from the FBI the other from the univerity' police department -- climbed the hort flight of tep outide Eat Fee Hall home of Michigan tate' College of Oteopathic Medicine They were there to peak with Dr William trampel the college' dean Three week after Naar had been charged with 22 felony count of firt-degree criminal exual conduct the detective were invetigating whether anyone ele might have broken the law by failing to top or report Naar' abue l explained that hi role a dean put him at the top of Naar' reporting chain He told the detective that other than igning off on Naar' travel requet to attend Olympic Game and other international gymnatic competition he and the doctor had no interaction with each other during trampel' firt 15 year in Eat Laning. It i unclear whether the athletic trainer and coache at Michigan tate were guided by indifference or blind loyalty to Naar Even when multiple came forward in late 2016 alleging abue by Naar during medical exam Klage continued to defend her former colleague Lindey Lemke a enior on the partan' gymnatic team ay Klage circulated a card during a team meeting in late eptember hortly after Naar wa fired by the univerity aking gymnat to ign it a a how of upport for allege in a lawuit againt Naar and Michigan tate that he wa exually aaulted hundred of time digitally penetrated by Naar when he wa a young a 12 Her mother Chrity Lemke-Akeo remember a converation he had with Klage the day before he and her daughter reported the abue to police."I poke to her [Klage] about what Lindey had aid and he goe 'You know Chrity thi i a legal medical procedure,'" Lemke-Akeo ay. "i aid that he wa putting hi finger inide of me and that it wa uncomfortable and at that point he jut aid he couldn't believe that wa happening that wa omebody he truted and knew for year," Boyce ay when aked about her meeting with the econd former gymnat: "I thought I wa gonna have omeone to help me And it wan't that ene at all of getting help It wa more a ene of 'Who have you told o far?' and 'Let' not talk about thi anymore.'" he poke only on the condition of anonymity to protect her family' and the econd former gymnat ay Klage never informed their parent about what they had told her Klage and her attorney declined to comment for. Whether uch a policy ever exited at Twitar i unclear but if it did it didn't apply to Naar Jut a he had year earlier at Great Lake Gymnatic Naar aw hundred of girl on hi training table in a back at Twitar alone Parent would ign up their children to ee Naar on Monday evening and often wait more than hour for a chance to be treated by him Dozen of former Twitar gymnat now ay Naar exually abued them during thoe medical the pring and ummer of 2014 UA Gymnatic paid Don Brook a Laning private detective to invetigate the hitory of complaint againt Geddert Among other Brook interviewed the former Twitar gymnat who alleged Geddert aaulted her in the locker the girl' grandmother aid When reached by phone Brook declined to comment about hi finding which he turned over to UA Gymnatic in eptember 2014 It' unclear what happened to the invetigation; UA Gymnatic declined to comment. "i wa ilenced I jut wan't going to ay anything ele," Boyce ay."They jut kept it quiet and that i what' o hard -- knowing that if adult were to make the right deciion and do the right thing at the right time that the abue could have topped," the econd gymnat Michigan law certain individual are required to alert law enforcement authoritie of upected abue chool and univerity adminitrator and teacher are among thoe required to report Coache are not named a mandatory reporter in the law but ome attorney who repreent gymnat believe they fall into the "teacher" category and are obligated to alert and the econd former gymnat are of four athlete Outide the Line ha interviewed who ay they told Michigan tate coache or trainer in the late 1990 about Naar' invaive method. Back then Boyce wa a 16-year-old gymnat training with partan Youth Gymnatic a program for promiing Eat Laning-area gymnat run by Michigan tate' head gymnatic coach Kathie Klage Naar' former colleague from Great Lake Gymnatic Naar alo treated MU gymnat and other told Outide the Line that Naar penetrated her dozen of time explaining the firt time he did the procedure that he needed to maage her pelvic mucle in order to treat her injured back During one uch viit he removed hi belt dimmed the light and appeared to become exually aroued Boyce ay.A econd partan Youth gymnat 14 at the time ay he alo had been digitally penetrated by Naar over the coure of everal appointment he and Boyce ay that in late 1997 they told Klage what wa happening during their eion. Tarting Tueday many of thoe will hare their torie in a Michigan court Naar now 54 pleaded guilty in November to 10 count of firt-degree criminal exual conduct with victim a young a 6 year old The preiding judge will allow dozen of or their advocate to iue victim-impact tatement before he will decide hi prion entence That entence could be added to the 60 year in prion he received lat month after pleading guilty to federal child pornography charge. According to Orth at Cunanan' 27th birthday party hoted at Blachford' etate he coerced hi friend Jeff Trail (the ex-Navy officer played by Finn Wittrock) into giving him a gift that he had elected; on the how it' a pair of Ferragamo hoe though Orth didn't pecify the gift in her 1997 Vanity Fair real Cunanan alo intructed Trail to introduce himelf a an intructor at the California Highway Patrol a a way to impre Blachford Thi play out in the epiode with ome variation Cunanan tell Trail to ay he' a Navy officer (thi wa after Trail had left the Navy) not to impre Blachford but hi new romantic interet David Madon (murdered in epiode four) In the month before Gina Nichol poke with the FBI he ay Penny aured her the cae wa being "taken care of." At that point Maggie wa widely regarded a a lock to make the 2016 Olympic team; he wa ranked econd in the nation behind imone Bile until a menicu tear kept her off the team that would go on to win gold at the Rio told Outide the Line that he and her mother Lynn had imilar interaction with Penny in the month after he initially reported Naar' abue to the invetigator hired by UA Gymnatic "teve Penny wa trying to control when I wa going to be interviewed by the FBI," Aly Raiman ay "He wa trying to control every part of it The bigget priority wa to make ure I kept it quiet o they'd have a good Olympic It' diguting." Orth doe not mention whether or not Madon attended that California birthday party a happen in the epiode It' even le likely that Lee Miglin the real etate tycoon from Chicago and Cunanan' third victim howed up a Mike Farrell doe in "Decent." And though it make for a very dramatic moment no picture exit of Cunanan with three of hi five victim a the epiode claim Cunanan' friend LizzyIn the epiode one of the guet at the birthday party i a young woman named Lizzy who Cunanan call hi "bet friend from an Francico." The character (played by Mater of ex' Annaleigh Ahford) i baed on Elizabeth Cote who according to Orth wa Cunanan' cloe friend from junior high chool (Viewer may recall meeting her briefly in the firt epiode; Cunanan brag to her about meeting Verace.) To help make thi webite better to improve and peronalize your experience and for advertiing purpoe are you happy to accept cookie and other technologie? Doctor interviewed by Outide the Line ay intravaginal and intrarectal treatment have been ued for decade to treat medical problem uch a pelvic floor dyfunction which can occur when mucle on the pelvic floor become weak or tight The treatment can alo be ued for intertitial cytiti a painful bladder yndrome But thoe ame doctor ay the procedure are never performed without glove a chaperone in the and in the cae of a minor parental -Akeo ay he explained to Klage that Naar never ought parental conent that he touched her daughter without glove and without omeone ele in the he ay he told Klage that "in my mind that make it illegal." But Klage he ay wa teadfat in her upport of February of lat year a the allegation of exual abue mounted Michigan tate upended Klage for her outpoken upport of Naar A day after being upended Klage reigned. Yet trampel told the detective he interpreted the 2014 Title IX ruling then to mean Naar wa "exonerated" and "cleared of all charge." Naar returned to the clinic with the police invetigation till active trampel ent Naar an email on J that aid he wa "happy that thi ha reolved to ome extend [ic]" and baic guideline for what Naar had to do while treating patient in enitive area in the aw patient for another 16 month while he remained under criminal invetigation The county proecutor decided in December 2015 that there wa not enough evidence to charge him with a crime Intead the proecutor intructed a police officer to tell Naar that he hould have a witne preent whenever he performed an intravaginal treatment and to explain it fully before. It' true that Cunanan wa the godfather of Cote' children Before he killed himelf a month before hi 28th birthday the real Cote and her children recorded a videotape pleading with him to end hi killing pree They were prompted to do o by the FBI but the meage never reached Cunanan in time: On J he put a gun in hi mouth and pulled the trigger Jeremy chaap and Ryan mith join OTL to dicu the full cope of what allowed former UA Gymnatic doctor Larry Naar to continually exually aaulting girl over an extended period. "jut ak to drop it if you are not 100% ure you want to cloe John' gym and have him banned from UAG for the ret of hi life," Naar texted the girl' grandmother "If you are able to tell the PA [proecuting attorney] that you want to drop the cae it would go a long way for ure Remember thi i not jut about John but alo effect [ic] every family at the gym."Naar went on to ay in the text which were reviewed by Outide the Line: "John jut ent a policy out that from now on all taff member are not to be allowed to be with a gymnat alone and not allowed to be in any without the door. While there' no evidence that the real Madon viited La Jolla he did let Cunanan pay for him to viit Lo Angele a we ee in "Decent." Orth report that on Eater weekend in 1997—a month before the killing began—Cunanan bought $395 hotel at the Chateau Marmont one for himelf and Madon and one for Madon' an Francico friend Karen Lapinki and Evan Wallit who were engaged Lapinki and Wallit are omitted from the epiode Police aid that Cunanan told Lapinki he'd pay for her wedding reception Cunanan did buy Madon a new uit a we ee on. The day after the detective' viit with trampel lat March they met with Dr Dougla Dietzel Naar' immediate upervior Dietzel told them that in 2016 when a new wave of allegation arrived -- one that would eventually open the floodgate of complaint and land Naar in prion -- trampel viited the clinic and aid Naar would be upended again trampel aid the upenion wa due in part becaue Naar did not follow the guideline they agreed upon after hi 2014 invetigation Thi urpried Dietzel He told the police that up until that converation in 2016 he had no idea that Naar had any extra guideline he needed to follow."How do we enforce thoe thing when we didn't even know about them?" Dietzel aked the detective. "john and Larry were like thi perfect torm," Kintigh aid "You become o unapproachable that your own gymnat don't feel comfortable telling you what' going on There' no way any of the girl would have felt comfortable aying anything to John [about Larry] Kid were terrified of him."Naar tarted working with Geddert at Great Lake the ame year he tarted medical chool at Michigan tate By then Naar wa an accomplihed athletic trainer who had volunteered at the 1987 Pan American Game and 1988 Olympic gymnatic trial treating member of the U ' national team Naar volunteered at Great Lake about 20 hour a week a demanding chedule for a medical tudent He once failed a biochemitry exam after he'd worked a weekend gymnatic competition "After 2 emeter in medical chool I wa kicked out," Naar wrote in a eptember 2015 Facebook pot about that time in. The FIRT WOMAN to tetify in Michigan tate court about Naar' abue wa Kyle tephen he ay he wa about 6 year old when he firt expoed himelf to her It took her roughly ix more year to realize that he wa being exually abued and to gather the courage to tell her parent And it would take another ix year before her father believed who initially poke to Outide the Line on the condition of anonymity but identified herelf publicly Tueday during Naar' entencing hearing ay he frequently pent her childhood weekend afternoon and evening at Naar' plit-level home in Holt Michigan Her parent were cloe friend with Naar and hi wife tefanie and they often cooked together. Undertanding how Naar gained unfettered acce to young girl and young over the coure of a quarter-century -- depite repeated warning ign -- mean confronting an uncomfortable truth: He didn't gain that acce alone Naar wa urrounded by a collection of adult who enabled hi predatory behavior -- a group that included coache of club collegiate and elite-level gymnat the UA Gymnatic organization medical profeional adminitrator and coache at Michigan tate Univerity and gymnat' parent whom he ged jut a effectively a thoe he violated Now that o much of the Naar tragedy ha been expoed a lingering quetion remain: Were each of thoe enabler complicit or imply conned by a man decribed a a mater manipulator? The tale Cunanan pin about hi parent are pulled from the tetimonie of acquaintance Perhap he never told Madon that hi father retired a rich tockbroker to run a pineapple plantation in the Philippine but according to Time Cunanan did often ay he wa the on of wealthy Philippine ugar-plantation owner (In reality hi father fled to the Philippine after he wa accued of embezzling abandoning hi family—more on that in epiode eight.)